Doctor advises patient to undergo exorcism

A woman visiting a family planning clinic in London to get a contraceptive injection was allegedly told by the doctor on duty that what she really needed was an exorcism. A General Medical Council panel is investigating the physician, Joyce Pratt, 44. The hearings were supposed to begin this week but Pratt was a no-show. From The Times:

Before the panel moved into private session, Heather Norton, counsel for the GMC, said: "It was made clear to Dr Pratt by Mrs K that she had concerns about the size of her stomach and about bleeding and pain she had experienced.

"Dr Pratt's response was effectively to tell Mrs K that she had black magic powers in order to alleviate the problem. She told her that she should take holy water and that she should see some priests. She gave her crosses and stones that she said would protect her.

"She told her that her mother was a witch and that she and her husband were planning to kill her. Mrs K was left very shaken and intimidated."

Dr Pratt was said to have then turned to a clinic nurse who was present and bragged about her special powers.