Photos of extinct long-horse

Like the jackalope and the flatbed truck-sized trout, the long-horse became extinct around the same time that the black-and-white postcard went out of vogue.

In the comments section of Robyn's blog, a reader questioned the authenticity of these photos, suggesting the images may have been altered to make the horses appear longer than they really were. But Robyn replied: "Oh no, I assure you, they are absolutely real. Their demise is a sad one. A lesson indeed for future generations!" Link

Reader comment:

Some people have written to tell me that long horses aren't real. But if you read the comments section of Tinselman's blog post, you will read first-hand accounts of people who walked among these gentle giants. For example:

When I was in the Army in Italy in 1944 I saw a long horse that unfortunately had to be put down after a minor shrapnel wound to it's leg. So remarkly big and docile, she was. Her owner wept when we shot her at his request.