Academic Warcraft guild seeks role-playing PhDs

An guild of role-playing academics in World of Warcraft has been given a grant to recruit more academics (PhDs and ABDs, please) to play with them — like the Terror Nova guild, but role-playing oriented and focused on credentials.

Tiger Team One, a medium RP guild on the RP server Kirin Tor (Horde), has recently received Title IX funds and a N.E.A. grant, as well as a "Stone Guard's Stipend," to recruit members and begin operations. Besides an advanced degree, applicants should be familiar with Rutger Haur films. Successful applicants will be expected to integrate PvP with RP. Chosen applicants will receive up to 5 silver coins in start up funds and access to a vent server. Future publications should address Conan-like dialogue and simply morality tales akin to Xena. Complete discretion assured. Our membership includes a MacArthur Fellow and an emeritus of the Institute for Advanced Study. Our manifesto is posted on May the wind be at your back. We will not be interviewing at the M.L.A., A.H.A., A.P.A. nor the A.S.A.


(Thanks, Royski)