Cryptozoology: Out of Time Place Scale

Over at Cryptomundo, Craig Heinselman, editor of CRYPTO, reviews the excellent book, Cryptozoolgy: Out of Time Place Scale. This is the show catalog for the exhibit of the same name that explores the intersection between art and science, fact and fiction, belief and evidence. (Previous post about the exhibition here.) The exhibit is up at the Kansas City Art Institute until December 20. I have the catalog and it's quite wonderful. Of course, there are reproductions of the artists' works from the exhibition and provocative essays, but taken as a whole, the catalog's look, feel, and organization offers its own sense of curiosity, wonder, and mystery. From Heinselman's review:

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One can not explain the layout and the books unique structure sufficiently, but suffice it to say it does not follow any standard practice for a softcover or hardcover, its design, structure, imprint, layout and texture are as specialized as the content and basis for its creation. One must see, hold and look at it to obtain a true sense…

We see a photographic representation of a still from the famed Patterson Film by Ellen Lesperance and Jeanine Oleson entitled Bigfoot & Nioka II. We see an acrylic and graphite piece by Walmor Correa in the style of a physicians guide entitled Capelobo from Project Unheimlich. And, this reviewers' favorite, an oil and acrylic piece on wood paneling entitled Map of Cryptozoology by Alexis Rockman showing a global perspective on all things cryptozoological. These entries are but a taste of the art styles within the book, and exhibit itself, which range including photographic, taxidermy sculptures, line drawings, doodles, acrylic, oil and more. Link

Loren Coleman, who has contributed artifacts to the exhibition and a historical essay to the book, is selling personally autographed copies of the exhibition catalog for $75 including two other Coleman books of the buyer's choice. The funds will help support Coleman's cryptozoology research. Order it here. Alternately, you can pre-order the book from Amazon where it's currently out of stock.