Kleptones podcast for A Swarm of Angels

Mashup legends The Kleptones (24 Hours, A Night at the Hiphopera) have teamed up with the radical filmmaking project A Swarm of Angels to produce a series of mashup podcasts that set the mood for the scripts under development by the Swarm.

A Swarm of Angels is producing a £1 million film using money raised in £25 increments from individual "angels" who get to participate in choosing the script and overseeing the production. It's an experiment to see if you can make a movie without sucking up to a big dumb studio.

The Kleptones are on the Swarm's advisory board, along with comics genius Warren "Transmetropolitan" Ellis and me. It's really exciting to watch this project mature -- I can't wait to see the movie!

As part of the ethos of the project we want to work with music artists who are distributing their work under Creative Commons licenses. We’d like to hear from you, so The Kleptones can consider your work for more extensive mash-up releases as the project progresses (leave a comment or post to the forum if you have subscribed).

The next Kleptones moodcast for The Unfold (the other script under development) is ready for release next week (members preview). The next series of podcasts after this are planned as ‘character playlists’.


(Thanks, Matt!)