Xeni on CNN's "Welcome to the Future"

CNN is running a series called "Welcome to the Future," about technology innovations in 2006 and what's ahead. I joined CNN host Miles O'Brien to explore some of that, including:

* A voice translation gadget for troops in Iraq. Background: See this previous BB post.

* Pros and cons of fingerprint scanners and other biometric authentication devices for home and enterprise computer users. Background: see this Bruce Schneier essay.

* Second Life. I fall off a virtual cliff and lose both legs (which grow back), then shop for goth miniskirts, then we teleport to Tibet.

For the record, Mr. O'Brien is super 1337. He flies planes (the ones made of atoms), knows everything there is to know about space, pwns in games I suck at (there are many), and cruises through VPNs with the greatest of ease. Seriously, he is one of the smartest science/technology reporters I've ever met. I'm a huge fan, and so not worthy.

The show airs a bunch of times, here's the schedule (I think, but check local listings):

Saturday, December 16th: 6am, 3pm

Saturday, December 23rd: 7pm, 11pm

Sunday, December 24th: 2am, 6am, 2pm, 7pm, 11pm, 2am

Reader comment: Veni Markovski says,

Bruce is missing a key point in fingerprint reader security: yes, one can steal your fingerprint, but the question is which one of the 10 fingers you are using? 9 of them can still give you access to the database/open doors / start your car / etc., but at the same time could trigger a silent alarm to the security center / 911 / etc that either someone has stolen your finger prints, or they've cut your fingers, or they are forcing you against your will. So, in other words, there's always more than one way to approach a problem ;)