London metro police poster

200701091052Numlok says: "This is an actual British Government poster outside a London Metro. Looks like they ripped it straight from the set of 'Brazil.'"

It's a gorgeous work of art. The colors in the bus windows are appealing.



Photos of eyes keep people honest. A short article by Clive Thompson in the New York Times Magazine describes an experiment at the psychology department at Newcastle University. There's a self-service coffee station where people are asked to pay for the coffee and biscuits they take using the honor system.

For 10 weeks this spring, they alternately taped two posters over the coffee station. During one week, it was a picture of flowers; during the other, it was a pair of staring eyes. Then they sat back to watch what would happen.

A remarkable pattern emerged. During the weeks when the eyes poster stared down at the coffee station, coffee and tea drinkers contributed 2.76 times as much money as in the weeks when flowers graced the wall.

Link (Thanks, Richard!)