New York spa offers "Blackberry Thumb" massages

The Dorit Baxter spa in New York is offering Blackberry Thumb and Tech Neck massages to help you release the muscular tension brought on by your gadgets:

Is your Treo making your fingers ache and your face break out with zits? The city's high-end spas are selling fixes for such ailments as "BlackBerry thumb," "tech neck," and "cell-phone clog." "These are repetitive-stress injuries that people used to get in their fifties and sixties; now they are afflicted in their twenties and thirties," says Dr. Thomas Scilaris, an Upper East Side orthopedic surgeon. Dorit Baxter spa on West 57th Street offers "Tech Neck" and "Tech Hand" treatments, recommended weekly at $59 per half-hour for each, which combine hot compresses and acupressure to relieve inflammation and "pins and needles."


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