Fan-video about Disney World's Tomorrowland

Kirby sez,

Google video of a fan made tribute to the Florida incarnation of Tomorrowland.

Mostly 70's and 80's footage from all kinds of sources including official Disney film, home video, and concept art – with great background music. No narration or title cards on this video!

"Here's to the Future", the RCA track from Space Mountain keeps coming back time and time again.

There are glimpses of Eastern Airlines "If you had Wings" and through various incarnations of this attraction including Delta Airlines "Dreamflight".

The Carousel of Progress is mostly the "Now is the Time" version, although the current (and original) "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" version is referenced toward the end.

Only the last 5 minutes of this 23 minute video is of anything recent (like Timekeeper or Alien Encounter [both RIP] )

This is a GREAT video of the Disney view of the future from a mostly 70s point of view!

I'm endlessly fascinated by Tomorrowland. It's such a bellwether for our feelings about the present. Take the Carousel of Progress — when it opened in 1964, the theme song was "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow." Ten years later, in Walt Disney World, they song was "Now is the Best Time of Your Life." Now they're back to "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow," but they've added all these sardonic twists to the set pieces where the technology goes awry, and is gently mocked as being inferior to the company of a beloved dog.

Today, Disney's Tomorrowlands are poised on the horns of a dilemma: a random blend of live stages, Jules Verne steampunk, Fantastic Plastic 60s swirls, advertising-supported exhibits from three CESes ago, defunct race-bikes, and a diorama of the 1964 Progress City where the voice-over once welcomed "Our most welcome neighbor: Our GE nuclear power-plant!"

If earlier Tomorrowlands showed our enthusiasm for the future, and then our sense that it had arrived, now Tomorowland shows our deep ambivalence, salted with nostalgia, confusion and cynicism.