Cthulhu mask on eBay

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This intense leather Cthulhu mask, hand-crafted in Charkow, Ukraine by artist Bob Basset is up for auction on eBay. Current high bid is GBP 190 (approx. US $372). ("Bob Basset" is the nom-de-art for a group of artists; see update below.) All of Basset's handiwork is quite incredible.
Link to eBay auction, Link to Bob Basset's blog (via Kipling West, thanks Kirsten Anderson!)

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UPDATE: BB reader Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy writes:

Bob Basset is a virtual Live Journal user, behind it are four talented ukranian craftsman Oleg and Sergey Petrov, Andrei Patlin and Andrey Makaruk. These guys have started by making costume elements for the local Historical Reconstruction club. All the pieces were created using only original technologies. Their medieval and fantasy armor and weapons have made them famous among the local reconstruction and live role playing crowd. For the past few years they have been trying to turn their art into a business. They still make medieval armor and weapon replicas (they work with metal as well), they tried their hand in custom BDSM toys and costume elements, recently they have created a series of macabre leather masks. Currently they are looking for an investment to make a small leather works factory in Kharkov. If you want more information about purchasing the art or to conduct business discussions you can contact me (nigde@mitechki.net) or Stanislav (prizraks@hotmail.com). If you want to look at more pieces, you can look through Bob Basset's live journal, at the current eBay auctions here and Stanislav's photki.com account here.