Feral woman found in Cambodia

A woman believed to have been missing since 1988, when she was 8-years-old, was found in the jungle of Cambodia's norther Rattanakiri provence. If she is indeed Rochom P'ngieng, she has been living in the wild for the last 19 years. She was discovered by a villager after she snatched his lunch. From the BBC News:

Local police said the woman was "half-human and half-animal" and could not speak any intelligible language…

Deputy provincial police chief Chea Bunthoeun told Associated Press news agency: "(The villager) spotted a naked human being, who looked like a jungle person, sneaking in to steal his rice."

(Village policeman Sal Lou) said: "When I saw her, she was naked and walking in a bending-forward position like a monkey… She was bare bones…"

Mr Sal Lou said (her) family was now watching her closely after she took her clothes off and suggested she would return to the jungle.

Link to BBC News, Link to Cryptomundo for a cryptid angle on the story, Link to buy The Forbidden Experiment: The Story of the Wild Boy of Aveyron

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