Talk the Talk: Slang of 65 American subcultures

Talk the Talk is a thoroughly enjoyable toilet-tank-top reference book, the kind of quirky thing that is endlessly fascinating and full of odd insights into worlds you never suspected existed. It's a collection of glossaries of the slang of 65 American subcultures, from skinheads to hookers, puppeteers to ren faire habituees, con artists to Antarctic researchers, truckers to prisoners. Every page contains a surprise.

OIL: Synthol, a banned substance some bodybuilders inject to increase apparent muscle-size.

INSTAGOTH: A person who suddenly begins to dress goth and call him- or herself a goth. Not a compliment.

MUNCHKIN: A player who insists on having an unreasonably powerful character, or who builds a character that is a very robust in some respects and very weak in others. The practice is frowned upon by more serious gamers, and the term is derogatory.