Hotel removes negative review from copies of NYTimes?

When the NYTimes panned Gordon Ramsay's New York restaurant, the British celeb chef apparently responded by removing the Dining section from all copies of the Times distributed within his hotel.

"As it happens, my husband had a business lunch there today. The meal was precisely as described. The only unexpected thing: all of the Dining sections had been taken out of all of the newspapers in the hotel. Gone, done, vanished."

I guess it's also possible that the hotel employees were so excited by the rotten review that they went around and grabbed the Dining section so that they could clip it for their scrapbooks…


(via Kottke)

Update: Mark sez, "I'm a restaurant critic here in Montreal and I frequently see my articles hanging in the windows of places I've covered. One particular bistro once framed one of my reviews and covered the one negative paragraph (criticizing their steak frites if I recall correctly) with their logo as if it was part of the original article!"