Will Steve Jobs drop iTunes DRM in a heartbeat?

It's been a couple of hours since Steve Jobs announced that he doesn't like DRM and wants to get rid of it (this is new news — Apple's previous position on this was that they'd have DRM even if the record companies didn't want it). He urges DRM activists to lobby Europe's governments to force European record giants like Sony-BMG, EMI and Universal to license their music to the iTunes Music Store without DRM — and promises that he'd drop the iTunes DRM in a heartbeat if only he could.

Well, this is pretty excellent news! Now, let's see if Steve means it. A bunch of commentators from around the Web have weighed in on this:

This is a big day — a huge day. If Steve Jobs comes through with his promise to offer DRM-free music from artists who will allow it, we're at the beginning of the end of the DRM wars. I look forward to the day when the iTunes Music Store catalog shows a little warning icon next to those few holdout tracks sold with DRM, a skull-and-crossbones to tell you that you're about to buy some poisonous bits.

Especially if Steve follows this up by offering iTunes videos — especially the Pixar movies, which he has enormous influence over as the single largest shareholder in Disney — without DRM!

Update: Lessig points out that Colin Mutchler has been asking to have his music sold without DRM through the iTunes Music Store for some time. It would be great to get a petition up from indie artists who are in the iTMS catalog and don't want DRM.