How to find the Westinghouse Time Capsule after 5000 years

Rick Prelinger says,

Westinghouse's Time Capsule was one of the prime attractions at the 1939 New York World's Fair. Not to be opened until the year 6939, it contained small artifacts of everyday American life and thousands of feet of microfilmed books, magazines and newspapers.

So that people could locate the Capsule 5000 years later, Westinghouse published a special book and sent copies to libraries, temples, monasteries and lamaseries — everywhere they thought a book had a chance of surviving the millennia. It contains coordinates, a key to the English language, and greetings from Einstein, the physicist Milliken and writer Thomas Mann.

Here's a scanned copy from our library — download it and see if the bits last 5000 years! Link.

Also, a booklet with a detailed listing of the Capsule's contents is here.

Reader comment: Anonymous says,

Oglethorpe University in Atlanta is home to the Crypt of Civilization — sealed in 1940, it is not intended to be reopened until the year 8113. Oglethorpe University is also home to the International Time Capsule Society.