High-speed photo of a lightbulb burning out

Ever wonder what a lightbulb looks like at the instant it burns out? This looks like a fun high-speed photography project:

What you are seeing is a capture of a lightbulb in the process of burning out. To create the shot, my friend Harley and I removed the glass enclosure of a standard household lightbulb (while leaving the innards intact) and powered it up in a pitch black room. The result was an immediate burn-out, which we were all too ready to photograph. The red hue on the smoke was added in post-processing.


(via Make)


Ryan sez, "The photographer actually does it in bulb mode, which is basically the opposite of high speed photography."

Update 2
Rich Legg, who took the photo, sez, "This is incorrect. Here's the exposure info:"

Shutter: 1/640 second
f/stop: f/4
ISO: 100