Youtube vid sends up Bev Oda, Canadian copyright czar

An anonymous Canadian has produced a genius send-up of the Kinks' "Lola," rewriting the lyrics to send up Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda, the Hollywood shill who blew more than $5,000 on a fleet of limos at the Junos, a Canadian music awards show.

Oda is Canada's copyright czar, in charge of regulating entertainment, software and other copyright companies — the same companies who footed the bill for her election campaign. Even after gaining office, Oda continued to offer unprecedented access to her office for American entertainment companies, and allowed them to continue to shower her with money.

The video is a great send-up — wonderful visuals and hilarious lyrics. Bravo!

Bev Oda: the dirty minister who lines her pockets with MAFIAA money and blows tax-dollars on limos.

"I'm not dumb but I can't understand why she could ride in a stretch but not in a van."

That's a line from a satirical 'Oh, Bev Oda' video targeting Durham MP Bev Oda, which can be found at on the popular YouTube site. The video, posted Feb. 22 by YouTube user 'ethanjacobs', features a male voice set to the tune of The Kinks classic 'Lola', but the lyrics have been altered to poke fun at Ms. Oda. The video refers to reports the federal heritage minister took Canadian taxpayers for a ride at the Juno awards last year in Halifax, where she racked up almost $5,500 in limousine expenses in four days, according to information dug up by the Liberals.

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