Counter-Strike/Fawlty Towers mashup

This Counter-Strike level based on Fawlty Towers is the all-time champion Britcom/first-person-shooter crossover.

Terrorists: In 1981 some of our brothers stayed at Hotel Fawlty Towers.

They were not satisfied!
Mr. Fawlty was the rudest man they've ever met.

The service there was an absolute disgrace, they had to wait nearly half an hour for their main course and when it arrived it was wrong! Their prawns were off and when they told him, there was an argument! Their meat was awfully poor, plus, they've asked him to fix their radiators three times and nothing's been done!

Today. 1984. We will take his guests as prisoners, we don't want to kill them but the bad publicity will finally make the place go bankrupt for good!

If not, we could always try burning it down in the future…

Counter-Terrorists: NOOOOO! No! We won't have that…
There's a place in Eastbourne!

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(via Wonderland)