More human beatboxen: "concert sauvage dans le metro!"

Following up on an earlier BB post, "Amazing human beatbox guy on French "American Idol" (video)," here are more human beatboxen.

  • Video Link to a soulful, subterranean performance of "In the Air Tonight" (DMX or Phil Collins, take your pick) by a bunch of very talented guys on what I believe is the Paris metro. A few of them sing in harmony, and others are doing vocalized "human beatbox" percussion (Thanks, Farai Chideya!)


    HornCologne says,

    Ho! That "Concert Sauvage" oh-so-spontaneous gig in the Paris Metro (with at least three cameras!) was by an actual group – "Naturally 7" – they seem to be based in Germany (and I saw them once on an educational TV program for kids here in Germany), but they sure do sing in 'Merkin! One more link to their webness: Link.

    Oscar Bartos says,

    Here's the "real" video for their Phil Collins cover: Link.

  • BB reader Thomas says, "Here's our Belgian beatboxing pride and he honestly kicks all the previous ones' collective asses :D" Video Link.

  • Jared says,

    Lord of the Yum Yum outbeats all of the human beatboxers with style as well as complexity. See him live, it's a treat!

  • castewar says,

    It's funny you should post that clip of Joseph on French Idol. I've been doing a little poking around and pondering lately, and I feel that Beatboxing is about to explode into the mainstream. There are a couple of solid reasons why and I'd like to share them…

    First, there's your link – similarly, Australian Idol had a beatboxer try out (Video Link). In the UK, beatbox champ Shlomo has been touring and appearing on TV (Video Link). And has started

    But if you think these guys are insane, you should see the current champ, Beardyman, who can do all that and more (pitch change his voice from a woman's to his own!? Perfect reverse-play!?) Plus, he's funny as hell. Link 1, Link 2 (that's one way to shake up an academic gathering), Link 3 (listen to the default first track, when he appears on the radio)

    Then add in two important last ingredients:

    1) The actor that plays Hiro on Heroes was interviewed and claims beatboxing as a hobby.
    2) On Yo Gabba Gabba, old school beatboxer Biz Markie has a segment in every episode called Biz's Beat of the Day, in which he teaches pre-schoolers a single beat, presumably building up to a whole set by the end of the season – this show premieres this fall in the US.

    So, put that all together, and Beatboxing is about to become the new DJ, I think.

  • Patrick Spargur says,

    If you want to learn to beatbox (from a daryl hall lookalike no less) you can check this guy out: Link. I was an advisor on this flash tool but it was executed by

  • Jon Power says,

    French 'American Idol'? Mais, non! French 'Pop Idol' please, we invented the show.

    "American Idol is an annual American singing competition which began its first season in June 22, 2002. Part of the Idol franchise, it originated from the UK reality program Pop Idol ." (Wikipedia)

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