Infinity edge tub from Kohler: bath designed to overflow

I got to try the coolest bathtub in the universe this week — it's a Kohler "infinity edge" Sok tub. The design has two tubs, one nesting inside the other. You fill the inner tub with water right to the edge, then climb in. The water you displaces sloshes into the outer tub, and supplies water to gentle jets at the base of the tub, which pump it back in, so that there's a continuous waterfall of water over the edge of the inner tub into the outer. It's amazing — so totally liberating to fill the tub right to the brim and happily splash away, overflowing it, knowing that this tub is designed to overflow. I immediately resolved to buy one someday, then checked out the price — a cool ten grand — and realized that someday might be a long, long way away.