New Sony DVD DRM breaks Sony DVD players

New Sony DVDs have been corrupted with a DRM system that renders them unplayable on many DVD players — including Sony players:

Reports are starting to pile up of unhappy encounters with a new copy-protection system that Sony is baking into commercial DVD release and which renders certain discs useless on older DVD players.Drm

Suspect titles include regular (not Blu-ray) releases of "Casino Royale,' "Stranger Than Fiction" and "The Holiday," all of which render nothing more than a brief title screen on certain DVD players (including some Sony models).

DRM snoops say it's the return of ARccOS, a somewhat discredited anti-copying system Sony toyed with a year ago. The technology was quickly subverted by makers of DVD-copying software, but is robust enough to flummox some DVD players made by RCA, Toshiba, Philips and others.


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Sony says that it has
updated this DRM, but that presumably doesn't do you any good if you bought one of the discs with the un-updated DRMs on it

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