More Merit Badges for scientists

Dave, from the Order of the Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above-Average Physique, writes in with good news:

Recently, our badges have doubled in number (new ones include various levels of the "I build robots" badge; the "I've named a child or pet for science" badge" and the "I AM actually a freakin' rocket scientist" badge).

As well, the Science Scouts have adopted a kicking punk rock song called "Increase the N" by local Vancouver band HEFE as our official anthem. Who knew punk could work in the words "Mass Spec" into the lyrics?


(Thanks, Dave!)

Update: JFR sez, "I thought you would enjoy these merit badges from the Autonomous, Co-Ed, Secular, Non-Heirarchical Meme-Rider Scouting Collective for All Ages."

Update 2: Bonnie sez, "Saw these awesome zinester merit badges from at Alternative Press Expo in San Fran this weekend!"