Blue Economy: new ocean futurism blog

Anthony Townsend, my colleague at Institute for the Future and the co-founder of the non-profit NYCwireless, has launched a new blog titled Blue Economy, about our future relationship with the planet's oceans. It's a fascinating topic and I look forward to the myriad threads Anthony uncovers with this research-as-blog. So far, he's posted about subjects as diverse as fish farming, tidal power, and diatoms as inspiration for engineers. From his description:


The world's oceans were the platform for the first great era of globalization over a century ago. While the 20th century was dominated by exploitation of the land and air, over the next few decades, a convergence of economic, climatological and technological forces will bring the oceans back to the forefront as a new frontier for human activity. From new sources of energy and nutritious food to limitless biodiversity and potential settlement sites the ocean is the last great unexploited frontier on earth. This blog is a window into that future, and seeks to encourage discussion about how humanity can create a future on and in the seas in ways that ensure economic and ecological sustainability.