Fair(y) Use Tale: AMAZING video cuts up Disney to explain copyright

Bucknell prof Eric Faden has produced the most amazing video mashup I've ever seen: "A Fair(y) Use Tale" cuts together thousands of extremely short clips from dozens of Disney cartoons, lifting indivudal words and short phrases to spell out an articulate, funny, and thoroughly educational lesson on how copyright works. This is the most subversive and hilarious use of Disney material I've ever seen — and there's even a really smart chapter about why Faden used Disney material to make his film. This should be required viewing in every K-12 classroom in the country.

Coral Cache link to MP4 download, Link to Stanford page for the film

(Thanks, Church!)

Update: Here's the YouTube version — thanks, Pawel!

Update 2: Here's another mirror, courtesy of Alan

Update 3 This has been uploaded to dotsub for translation into your language of choice — thanks, Diego!