Giant rat taunts scabs in NYC

Picture 5-28
When I was in New York earlier this week, I spotted this giant inflatable rat facing a building undergoing repair or renovation. The truck parked next to it was marked SCABHUNTER III. I'm guessing the Rat was involved in a labor dispute. I wonder if SCABHUNTER's I and II also travel with giant inflatable vermin? (Another Scabhunter rat photo on Flickr here, and a delightful Scabhunter gorilla here!)

Reader comment:

Supreme Commander, Shadow Government says:

It's kinda funny that you sometimes stop noticing bizarre things when you see them all the time…

The Giant Inflatable Rat has been has been around scab-busting in NYC and up and down the East Coast for well over 10 years…the rats are used by a bunch of different unions whenever they have labor disputes…

Check out the article on the Huge NYC Rats.

And yes, if you find the Scab-Hunter mobile, you find the Rat.

Kelcey says:


The giant inflatable rat is a mainstay at any labor related strike or protest in NYC. Link