Crazy molecular gastronomy tasting menu report

This lavishly illustrated account of a meal at L'Enclume in England's Lake District is jaw-dropping. The author ordered the "Underground Menu," a "No holds barred, no deviations" molecular gastronomy tasting menu with as many as 26 courses. The chef is pretty inventive, and the food sure sounds good.

This was "Whim 03", and I think was one of the dishes that came semi-unplanned, off the cuff, as our menu evolved. It was the first dish that absolutely knocked me into a cocked hat for technical brilliance. The white block was an impossibly light, and yet completely sturdy marscapone foam, topped with salmon roe, on a bed of parsley puree. The pink powder was grated frozen tuna, which reminded me of freeze dried astronaut food. The white puree was grapefruit foam, with passion fruit seeds. This was a riot of contrasting textures, with absolutely surprising complementary flavours.


(via Neatorama)