LJ purge drama: Who are "Warriors for Innocence"?"

BB reader Leighton Cowart says,

I've been watching your series on the LiveJournal purges with interest. It turns out that the registrant for the domain WarriorsforInnocence.org matches those for the old front company Coastal Management, which listed a bunch of fraudulent positions on job-hunting sites like CareerBuilder back in '05–presumably for datamining purposes. Both WfI and Coastal list their address as

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

…and their phone/fax as 480-624-2599

Here's the info on WfI.org, and for Coastal Management (need to scroll down just a bit).

With all the complaints about WfI.org's spyware, I wonder if they cooked up the LJ pedophilia scandal in order to get hits on their website from older and badly secured browsers in hopes of collecting data from interested parties. Perhaps some of your readers would be in a position to find out more about this connection?

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    Reader comment: Sounds like the answer may not be as sinister. Vann Hall says,

    Hey, the reason that WfI.org and Coastal Management both have the same registration info is that both domains were registered using GoDaddy's "private" domain feature. All such domains are really registered to Domains by Proxy, Inc.; they "map" to the actual registrant only within GoDaddy's internal database…

    Sam says,

    The WHOIS information for the "Warriors For Innocence" that was posted
    about here
    is in fact the address and phone number for Domainsbyproxy.com. All of
    the domains they register have that listed address and phone number.
    Their whole business model is based on obfuscating WHOIS information.
    The fact that WFI and Coastal Management (and a bazillion other
    domains) both share this registrar doesn't imply any connection
    between them. (Nor does it preclude one, of course.)

    Since shady/dishonest websites have a strong incentive to keep their
    information anonymous MANY of the clients of domainsbyproxy.com have
    e-reps that could only charitably be described as "abysmal".

    If you want to know who these WFI schmucks are, deeper digging will be required.

    Long time reader,
    Sam Walker

    sistercoyote says,

    This website discusses who Warriors for Innocence are and their ties to dominionism, and "Christian Patriot" militias

    Duo says,

    Well, it could be as insidious as you think.

    The folks are Warriors for Innocence have been getting a lot of scrutiny, and as such, a few survivors of harsh Christian Reconstructionism have found that these folks are linked to some hardcore dominionist groups. (see also: Link)

    No mistake should be made here: these people are not so much about stopping pedo's, they are about erecting and establishing a hate filled theocratic society by any means necessary. They are all about control. And they are firmly entrenched in the belief that they are "more right" than anyone else.

    Thats why they have the distinction of being referred to as "Talibangelicals". Link.