London 2012 Olympic logo, a la goatse – curiously appropriate

The BBC is holding a competition to suggest alternatives to the London 2012 Olympics logo (itself a uniquely horrible design). Hilariously, one entrant managed to smuggle a Goatse variant into the entrants.

It's actually not a bad choice, given that hosting an Olympics games is an experience much like being sodomized by a battering ram. The corrupt, bribe-taking International Olympics Committee are extraordinary bullies, inspiring Orwellian surveillance, taking brand-whoring to new lows, and demanding thought-control over the local populace. I'm moving back to London this September, but with any luck I'll be gone again by 2012.

Sean: "Here is my design for the Olympic logo. It is very simple and so memorable. The hands represent Britain pulling together to reveal the Olympics."


(Thanks to everyone who suggested this!)

Chris sez, "Sadly, the BBC pulled the goatse Olympics logo pretty soon after your
Boing Boing post on it, but I managed to get a screengrab in the nick
of time.
Sean, the genius who submitted it it, comments below: 'I'm surprised it got
through in the first place.'"