Audrey Kawasaki: Juxtapoz profile

One of my absolute favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki, is profiled in Juxtapoz magazine. Audrey is currently showing the piece seen here, "Amai Wana," in the Venus show at Seattle's Roq la Rue Gallery and will exhibit at the Lineage Gallery in Philadelphia in July. From Juxtapoz:

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"You really have to dive in for months in advance and concentrate hardcore," she says of preparing for a show. So she does what she does best, working with a medium and canvas she's comfortable with. "I enjoy the organic grains and patterns on wood panel. It's very inviting to me. It works as a good base and background, and I use really thin washes of oil, so the grains show though. I like to work and play around with that." She's worked with oil paint for about ten years but admits that she's willing to branch out to other mediums. "Though I haven't found any yet. My wood paintings are very precise and carefully done, so I'd like to experiment with being more rough and dirty and raw at some point."


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