Spy museum bans photography

Kim sez, "I thought it was ironic that visitors to the International Spy Museum (which is packed with security cameras, of course) aren't allowed to take photos or videos, as evidenced by this large sign in their lobby. In fact, one of the cashier drones even yelled at me for taking a photo of this sign–and this was before I had even purchased my ticket or went inside. Even more ironic is that one of the exhibits is all about the history of miniature hidden cameras."

Christ this stuff bugs me, especially from museums. These places are supposed to be about preserving and disseminating human culture — but no taking any pictures or we might not be able to sell as many picture postcards!


(Thanks, Kim!)

Update: Jamais sez, "I took the 'no photos' command at the Spy Museum as an implicit challenge to one's own spycraft — after all, the conceit of a visit to the Spy Museum is that you're a new recruit. Accordingly, I took a couple of shots with my cameraphone.

Nobody yelled at me or kicked me out, so I guess I passed the test."

Update 2: Enrique sez, "Another extremely ironic situation:
the museum of the Prado in Madrid bans photography in all its rooms,
but meanwhile it´s showing Thomas Struth´s series 'making time'… pictures taken in museums!! (including the Prado, of course). It´s also the first time they use the main rooms to show photography."