Jesus cradles baby dino

200706181605Here's adorable photographic proof that man and dinosaurs walked the Earth together. Link (Thanks, Charlie!)

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Maarten says:

07-06-07 0716
(Click on thumbnail for enlargement) Just read your post on boingboing about the jesus and dino pic...but here's much better proof that dinos and humans lived together as little as a thousand years ago. It's a picture I took (with my cellphone [v3x if you must know]) in the Angkor area in Cambodia. It was taken in the famous temple featured in the movie Tombraider; my brother Alex pointed it out to me and it had me amazed. Now I know that quite some carving are being/have been restored, so this might be one of the restorators having a bit of fun, but the real carvings on the temples in the area have all kinds of humourous depictions in there, so who knows?