Creepy, interesting, and real — a short link roundup.

  • As dalek cakes go, this banana-caramel one with moving platform is a doozy. Link.
  • Like so many Rodent-American actors before him, "Dramatic Chipmunk" got his start in Japanese TV, trying to out-squeal the ladies. Video Link to clip from the program "Mini Moni," jump to about 2:43 to see his television origins.
  • Gigantomongous grasshoppers, known locally as "lubbers," invade Florida city: Link. Some children are afraid to play outside, according to news reports, and who can blame them? The money quote:

    "It's like trying to stop the wind," said David Shibles, a horticulturist with the Polk County extension office. "If you find them, you need to kill them."

  • Washington Post runs four-part series on why Dick Cheney is the evilest vice president ever: Link (via Threat Level).
  • Ever wondered what an authentic LA lowrider car show looks like? Link to LA Weekly photo series shot yesterday. Includes Mexi-kitsch transformer cars, Aztec titties, velvet motors, and a golden tricycle. When I die, I intend to scoot around in heaven on one of these.
  • Gold statue of David Beckham statue placed on altar at Buddhist temple in Bangkok: Link. Not the first time, actually — happened back in 2000, also. Earlier stories of a Beckham idol at a shrine on Japan's Awajishima Island are said to be apocryphal, but he was immortalized in chocolate, in Tokyo, for World Cup 2002: Link.
  • Rediscovered photo of Laugh Out Loud Cats' creator: Link. (Previous posts: 1, 2, 3)
  • "Where the Wild Things Are" garden, recreated IRL: Link, and here is MOAR.
  • China's Three Gorges Dam is said to be changing weather patterns throughout the region: Link.
  • Wil Wheaton recently welcomed Gene Roddenberry into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Link.
  • "The Cloud is a speculative design for a resort city elevated 300 metres in the air above Dubai and supported on slanting legs resembling rain." Link.
  • Washing machines in concert: Link.

    (Thanks, Eric, Avi Solomon, Mark Mauer, Chris, Ape Lad, José Leitão, Alex, Kier Smith, John, Marco, Matthew Sokoloff)

    Reader comment: David Fischer says,

    Regarding the origins of the Rodent clip – Mini-Moni isn't
    a show, it's a singing group. They were a side-project of
    Morning Musume, and they showed up on Momusu's TV show a lot.

    Mini-Moni were the pinnacle of suger-overdosed jpop for children: Video link 1, Video link 2, Video link 3.

    I sincerely hope that when the alien archeologists start digging
    through the scorched remains of Earth, a Mini-Moni CD is their
    first evidence of what humans were like.