Burning Man organizers: we want to go 100% biodiesel in 2007

Ah, the smells of Burning Man: weed, incense, unwashed naked people — and now, french fries. That new aroma wafting over the Black Rock desert this year comes from reclaimed biodiesel:

Burning Man is working on shifting our entire power generation load from regular old diesel fuel to clean, green biodiesel, thanks to a very dedicated effort by Mr. Blue of Recycle Camp and many others. It will be used to power things like the medical and fire outposts, rangers stations, BMIR, and other event operations. What does that mean in real terms? It means that 20,000 gallons of diesel that would have been coming from places like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iraq and other human rights holiday spots will instead be coming from old French fry vats and the like in nearby Reno, Nevada.

Link (thanks, Wayne Correia!)

Reader comment: Jay W. says,

There is project "Single Cell Solution" by "Dr. Friendly" that combines biodiesel with a "Algae Bar", a "Green Genesis Dome". Link.