Awesomest movie promo ever: 7-11 stores now 'Simpsons' Kwik-E-Marts

BB pal Bonnie says,

The Kwik-E-Marts, along with the 6,000 other Seven-Elevens around North America will sell Simpsons-themed treats during the month-long promotion. Among them: Buzz Cola, Krusty-O's cereal and Squishees, the slushy Slurpees knockoff.

Link to tons of snapshots taken by a guy named Justin (in Seattle?), and here's an AP story.

Reader comment: Cate says,

The official 7-11 website has a list of the locations for all of the converted Kwik-E-Marts. Let us also not forget the upcoming free slurpee day on July 11th (7/11/07)!

Anonymous says,

Someone should get a scan of the wrapper that the Simpsons straw/magnets are packaged in. I work at the company that made them. What started as a simple "for ages 3 and up" warning eventually got expanded to "for ages 12 and up" with detailed descriptions of exactly what the magnets will do to you if you swallow them. For example, if you swallow two of them, they apparently may stick to each other across intestines. It's really quite amusing.

Lucas says,

Here are a few more pics, these from my visit to the Mountain View location.

Michael Cote, a student in the Environmental Design/Sustainable Regional Planning program at University of Massachusetts – Amherst, says:

About the recent Kwiki Mart post on Boing Boing. I agree that the
Simpsons rock, I don't agree that we should be celebrating the
conversion of 7-11 stores -in the manner it's being done-. After the
hype, where will all that 'wonderful' ephemera go? The dump. The
landfill. In the trash. None of it recycled, which is in line with
Boing Boing's previous posts.

Sorry to deflate the fun, but morals override – Don't you agree it's
frivolous and wasteful??

David Lantner says,

I understand and agree with Michael Cote's concern, but there's some good news. I went to the Manhattan Kwik-E-Mart yesterday and I asked the (very helpful) staff what would happen to the decorations and such after the promotion ended. They replied that everything would be donated to local charities for auction. When asked how I could register my own "charity" all I received was a laugh.