Holy Surveillance: Tammy & Jim Bakker & Friends

BB reader wishbook says,

With the recent passing of televangelist Tammy Faye Messner, I thought it was a fitting time to share the shrill sounds and sights of the 1975 album, "Oops! There Comes A Smile: Songs & Stories By Jim & Tammy & Their Friends."

To that end, I've flickr'd scans of the album and created a link to the creepy track, "God Is Watching You," in which the Tammy-voiced pig puppet proclaims "he sees everything you do, and he hears everything you say; my God is watching all the time!" For the penitent or masochistic, there is alo a megaupload link to the entire album.

Link. Also noteworthy is the lyrical name of the woman to whom this one belonged, visible in this larger jpeg: Link.

Reader comment: Anonymous says,

The lizard looks suspiciously like the Winslow from various Phil Foglio comics, chiefly Buck Godot. Perhaps the Bakkers were really Winslowists in disguise!

Dan, from The ARChive of Contemporary Music, says:

I noticed that you posted the cover of Tammy Faye's "Oops, There Comes A Smile" today and I wanted to let you know that last week we posted that and two other Tammy Faye covers, as well as a ten-record discography of people in the Bakker/PTL orbit (mostly Tammy, but Jim and others as well - yes, we have all of them in our collection).

You can see the covers here: Link (Click on them for a larger view.)

While "Oops" was perhaps the "best" for music, "Run Towards the Roar" was everyone at the ARChive's favorite cover. It's precious and she looks really sassy.