Archie becomes tool for the RIAA

Seems the RIAA has got to Archie too! The very first story in Archie #577 (September 2007) is a cautionary tale for kiddies called "Record Breaker" wherein all those leechers (and wannabe leecher kids) out there are taught that they're the ones responsible for driving their favorite artists into penury and worse perhaps.

Seems no-one informed them about Prince's business model and how he's been doing a pretty good job of it, or is this story RIAA's response to the new avenues for revenue that Prince is trying to tap into – avenues, in fact, that don't involve suing and pissing off the hitherto loyal fans?

Official story description can be found here.

A page from the story where The Archies realise that file sharing has 'ruined' them [is shown above].

All I can say is, I've never seen an organization so hell-bent on its own destruction and I doubt we ever will again. Of course, we *do* have Hollywood, Major League Baseball…

(I'll bet it was this dirty rat what stole Archie's song).


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