Ant lions for sale at Ant Lion Den

Ellen says:

200708131215When I was in fourth grade I was fascinated by bugs. I actually put together a little catalog offering ant lions for sale to my classmates. Somehow it didn't strike me as a viable business model when I got older. But the folks who have this site are selling ant lions. I don't know if it is for real. I can't quite believe it.

Three ant lions for $9.95? How about a Zen Ant Lion Garden for adults? It includes two guaranteed-live ant lions, an ant lion den, and den sand. You can get an ant lion book, watch ant lion videos. You can even launch a career as an ant lion wrangler for the company. Shades of "Kids, Raise Mushrooms in Your Own Basement!"

Selling the sand never occurred to me, back in the day. But I did offer spittle bugs. Maybe the Ant Lion Den folks should expand their product line.