Disney employee whitewashes Cory out of Wikipedia's DRM article

Wikiscanner is a new Wikipedia search tool created by a Caltech grad student named Virgil Griffith — it scours all the IP addresses associated with Wikipedia edits and attempts to figure out which edits have been made from within government agencies, corporations, ad agencies, political campaigns and so on.

Wired News has a wiki up for readers who've uncovered damning whitewash edits by self-interested parties. Among them is this gem:

Disney User Deletes Reference to DRM Critic Doctorow

On Christmas Eve 2004, a Disney user deleted a citation on the "digital rights management" page to DRM critic Cory Doctorow along with a link to a speech he gave to Microsoft's Research Group on the subject. Later, a Disney user altered the "opponents" discussion of the entry, arguing that consumers embrace DRM: "In general, consumers knowingly enter into the arrangement where they are granted limited use of the content." 2nd diff: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?diff=prev&oldid=14809929