Burning Man 2007: GPS data files, maps, and "Xeni Cup."

Wayne Correia tells all BoingBoing readers headed out to the playa, "Here are the GPS maps for Burning Man 2007. Navigate well, dusty friends!"

Link to roads250.gpx, and Link to fence.gpx.

Here's the map you'll need: Link.

I won't be headed out there myself, but do stop by Camp Kanuckistan, and check out the, um, Xeni Cup hockey tournament (!), run by some friendly Kanucks who've dubbed me their governess in exile. Here's a snapshot from last year's festivities. There I am, folks, face down in the dirt between glowsticks and a bottle of whiskey, where I belong. Link to more pix from previous Xeni Cup editions at Burning Man.

Reader comment: Dillo says,

Speaking of all things Burning Man, I have to plug the project I've been contributing to for the past few months:OrbSWARM!
A group of 6 semi-autonomous 3-foot round aluminum orbs that flock, sing, light up and dance in their own rolley way :) This link is a video from KGO-7 TV that visited the BoxShop recently where the Orbs are being assembled.