Zombie Tales: comics anthology

Zombie Tales is Boom Studios' comics-anthology of short zombie stories — and it's a fine showcase for the genre, exploring the zombie myth from every angle. From the religious — "For Pete's Sake," about the Mother Church's connection to zombiism — to the comic — "Four out of Five," which explains the connection between oral hygiene and zombie outbreaks, Zombie Tales runs the gamut. Every story in here is good, and some are GREAT, like John Rogers's "Daddy Smells Different," and they're mostly in the vein of the best of the Twilight Zone stories, punchy little tales with surprising twist endings, and like the Twilight Zone, the anthology's strength is its breadth. Zombie Tales' artists and writers work in a variety of styles, and the net effect is a kind of tour of the afterlife and all that it means to us.


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