The IT Crowd — season two, episode one

Hurrah! The first episode of season two of The IT Crowd has aired and it's already available for download!

The IT Crowd is the nerd sitcom about sysadmins from Graham Linehan, creator of the convulsively, piss-yourself funny Father Ted. The US adaptation of it that NBC picked up is reportedly not so hot, but I loved the Brit version and was immensely pleased when it got picked up for a second season.

Channel 4, the show's homebase, has a ridiculous DRM-based web-viewing option, but I can't get that to work (though I live in London, I'm travelling in Australia, which means it won't let me get access to the show, and even if I could get at it, it won't play on Linux). Lucky for me — and you — intrepid fans of the show have already put episode one online on a variety of torrent servers, and I'm downloading it now with eager anticipation.

Season two, episode one is called "The Work Outing."

Pirate Bay torrent,

Eztvefnet torrent,

Mininova torrent

IMBD info about the episode

(Thanks, Sebadog, David and Clay!)

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(Disclosure: I was an unpaid consultant to Season One of The IT Crowd, and I live with a Channel 4 commissioner))

Update: Chirag's put together
this handy streaming page for all the old episodes!