Felt replica of a vintage Underwood Noiseless typewriter

Craftster user Blueblythe created this incredible felt replica of a vintage Underwood Noiseless typewriter. This was the first typewriter I ever owned — I got a 1920s-vintage model from my Dad, who'd rescued it from the offices of the Communist group he belonged to, where it had been used to publish a Trotskyist news-sheet — and I never forgot the incredible heft and solidity, and the industrial gravitas of the machine. I also loved the hubris of calling a machine that loud a "noiseless" typewriter.

Blueblythe notes: "It took me several weeks of non stop sewing to finish. The felt is hand dyed and the details are embroidered. I added some real screws that I tarnished in vinegar. The roller rotates so that a piece of paper can be added with some typed words on it."


(via Craft)