Short links: faster than an Idaho senator's airport bathroom funtime

  • Wonderful photoset of photos from the Calfornia ghost town called Bodie. Link. Above, a decaying '37 Chevy.
  • NYT editorial on Matt and Trey's groundbreaking South Park profit-share deal with Viacom: Link. A must-read. Watershed moment here, guys.
  • Lost in translation: Poagao tells BoingBoing, "A sports paraphernalia store in Taiwan was originally called 'Nigger King' and changed their name to 'Niggar King' after a visit from the police (notice the 'A' in the picture is slightly different). Now they're considering changing it again (Maybe 'Nagger King'?). The Chinese name translates as 'King of the Black People'." Link.
  • Sock monkeys in a blender, sock monkeys in a meat grinder: crafty, creepy. Link.
  • Televangelists with toupees: Link.
  • In honor of John Peel's birthday, a great John Peel interview from 1977: Link. He passed away nearly three years ago; he would have been 68.

  • Wu Tang Chess: Coming to SF in October, a hip hop chess tournament sponsored by the Hip Hop Chess Confederation, featuring mthrfckn RZA and GZA.

  • BB reader Double Banger says Fox and NBC got a big ole butt: "They just announced the new name of the Fox/NBCU joint venture that is supposed to be the anti-YouTube. The name is 'hulu.' According to Webster, 'hulu' is Indonesian for 'butt' and Lozi for 'old.'"
  • Israeli researchers found out that being born in the brightest months of the year increases the probability of short-sightedness by up to 25 percent: Link.

    (thanks, Kevin Mulholland, Jake Swearingen, jauderho Alexis, Fred, Jeff)