Midwest Teen Sex Show: comedy podcast on teen sexuality

Cory Silverberg, sexuality.About.com guide, tells BoingBoing: "I thought you might be charmed by this new pseudo-sex-education video podcast that's short and full of potential (not to mention cute midwest girls crawling in the fields)."

Each episode is sort of a parody of a given sex-ed topic (birth control methods, the ethics of dating much-older men, and so on) — but presented in a deadpan, internet-funny fashion. May or may not be work-safe (explicit subject matter) but it's not pornography by any means. Just sharp sarcasm that rings true, with good advice.

Link to Midwest Teen Sex Show home page, blogged here by Cory Silverberg at about.com. Subscribe via iTunes. The "older boyfriends" episode was my first fave.