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Retro Selectro: Card Callmaker Ad (1973)

Fun Level: Orange – Valve's Orange Box is coming October 12th

If These Don't Emit, You Must Acquit – Epson's new PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 UB front-projector is have an MSRP of $2,700, making it the cheapest 1080p projector yet. (And retail will probably be cheaper.)

Wii Runs – New Nintendo trademarks in Japan: "Wii Body Controller; Mii Contest Channel; Nintendo Magic; Wii Handle; Soma Bringer."

Dial M for Metamucil – "Verizon Wireless offers new $30 senior citizen plan"

Suck It Up, Out –Man breaks stylus in smartphone sheath. AT&T tells him his warranty is voided.

Keeping the Ashes Stoked – "Microsoft says a Zune phone 'not unreasonable'"

BioPro 190: At-Home Biodiesel Production

The Future of Television: Two Girls Shooting Each Other with Tasers

In the Year 2000: Bell Spaceplane Models

Bukkake Simulator 3D: Love Death 2 Gameplay Video

Quad Shelves by Nauris Kalinauskas

Video: Overdrift: Stage 2 Teaser

1946 Mathis 333 3-Wheeled Car Prototype

Doubles as Wings – I'm not sure how to embed this particular flash video of a disappearing door concept car, in which the door slides into the undercarriage, but it's cool, so here's a link.

When Taste and Money Collide – Water "butts," or drainspout caps, shaped like bottoms and rectums. Horrible.

Rolly Polyphonic – Sony's "Rolly" (roll-e) may be a music-playing "Wii on wheels," claims []

Two > Four – Jeff Atwood compares dual- and quad-core processing times. Dual is just about as good as quad for most desktop users.

Flamebait – "According to research group iSuppli, the iPhone outsold all smartphones in the U.S. in July"