Excellent knockoff tech toy from China: Benign Girl Cellphone

Boing Boing reader Matt says,

Over the Labor Day weekend, we went to Di Fara's Pizza for the best slice in New York City (probably the world). Well, you have to wait while each slice is hand-made to order, so I took my 14 month-old daughter to the 99 cent store next door to touch things for the duration.

On our way out of the store, we saw this gem: the "Benign Girl" Super Telephone. Chinese marketing at its best. How could there be any lead in a Benign Girl toy? And the package design was genius: The "Try Me Press Button" arrow that points to a non-existent button; that says the phone is "creative" and has "luxurious music."

Free batteries aren't just included, they come pre-corroded!