First tourist snapshots from Myanmar (Burma)'s new capital

Boing Boing reader Xander says,

In 2005, the secretive and paranoid military government of Myanmar (Burma) decided to move the capital city from Yangon (the old British 'Rangoon') to an empty tract of farmland in the country's north.

Thousands of soldiers, government officials and regular citizens were packed up and moved to the new capital city, which was christened Naypyidaw. The government has never publicly explained the move. Most journalists, even Burmese ones, are banned from the city, and there are very few photos of the capital available online.

In July, my friend Austin and his fellow traveler Will became the first uninvited, non-diplomatic foreigners to stay overnight in Naypyidaw's hotel — in effect, the first tourists. Austin's striking and beautiful photographs of the city can now be seen on his blog.