IT Crowd Season 2, Episode 3: Great anti-piracy PSA sendup

The latest IT Crowd — season two, episode three — aired last night, and featured a milk-nose-snortingly funny parody of the pre-show anti-piracy ads you get in movie theatres. I'm downloading the torrent right now (they don't air The IT Crowd in China, where I am this week, and Channel 4's streaming service won't run on Linux, or to IP addresses out of the UK), and can't wait to see it.

The IT Crowd is my favorite new TV show — barring The Daily Show — of the decade, brilliant geek humor that rewards multiple viewings (as I discovered when I bought the Season One DVD and checked out the leet subtitles).

Torrent link, Link to anti-piracy PSA parody on YouTube

(Thanks, Justin, Ryan, and Iris!)

(Disclosure: I was an unpaid consultant on season one of The IT Crowd)

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