Allan Tannenbaum's photographs: 9-11 Still Killing

Photojournalist Allan Tannenbaum was at ground zero on September 11, 2001 and has since been chronicling the lives of first responders like NYC Paramedic Marvin Bethea, above, who became sick because of debris exposure that day.

Many of these people lack proper health care, many have protested what they believe to be an unequal and inadequate distribution of aid. Many have died.

Above, one of many photos on Tannenbaum's website "9/11 Still Killing." Mr. Bethea, at his home in Queens, with medicines he now must take after getting buried in debris twice on 9/11. Mr. Bethea says:

What people must remember about 9/11 is that the cops, firemen, EMTs, all had very physical jobs. These were healthy people who had these jobs. We had to pass a physical every year. The question now becomes, if all these people were healthy, why are they all sick now? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. What is the common denominator? 9/11 – Ground Zero.

Time magazine has published some of these images online along with audio interviews: Link. (Image above (c) 2006, Allan Tannenbaum.)