Woman jailed for serving salty burger to police officer

Leslie says: "A McDonald's worker in Georgia was arrested after serving a burger with too much salt to a police officer in the drive-thru. The next time I am served bad fast food, I'm going to try calling the cops and see what happens!"

The drama started early Friday when [employee Kendra Bull] said she accidently dumped too much salt on a burger she was preparing for herself. A co-worker tried to remove the salt, and Bull said she told a supervisor about the heavy dose of condiment.

The supervisor acknowledged the salt, she said, but still put the patty on the officer's bun, Bull said. The supervisor denied Bull's account when questioned by police.

Asked why someone would try and salvage the burger, Bull said she wasn't sure.

"They've been saying we've been wasting too much meat," she said.

The police officer said that after he ate the burger, he nearly threw up. Bull wonders why the officer didn't he throw it away after taking a bite? By the way, the McDonald's gives free meals to the police who eat there.

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